Guidance & Balance on Your Spiritual & Emotional Path

Rivka Cilley, LCSW

Rivka Cilley brings a fresh approach with her unique background.  She brings together traditional western counseling with ancient tools that allow you to delve into your spiritual self.  She is well traveled with a global perspective.  As a perpetual student she has devoted her life to understanding the world with an existential focus.  
Holistic Counseling gives you the opportunity to work in a safe, trusting, confidential space as you unravel the bigger picture.  We will come up with an approach that works for you as utilizing traditional counseling techniques along side ancient spiritual traditions include yoga, meditation, energy work and Akashic Records.  The focus of our work together is designed to empower you to change your life in a way that you feel is best.  Together we delve into your deep rooted beliefs, intentions and emotions that affect how you operate in this world.  
Are you ready?
  • Improve balance & harmony in your life
  • Release old patterns of stress and trauma
  • Improve relationships
  • Bring greater happiness
  • Learn to ground yourself
  • Shift patterns of victimization so that you can feel safe & secure
  • Learn to let go of negative thoughts and judgements
  • Open to grow & heal
  • Awareness of your self as a spiritual being
  • Able to acknowledge, value and honor our work together
  • Able to follow through with changes
  • Able to honor your own needs and integrate therapy experience
  • Able to show up on time, end on time and honor time in session.
Invest in Yourself
How to make the most of your session...
Come with an open heart and mind so that you can get the most out of your session.  Set a broad goal for yourself and make this intention a priority in your life.  A session lasts about an hour.  

Because I use alternative approaches for treatment I do not take insurance.  I am happy to provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company or Medical Reimbursement Plan through your employeer.

I charge $80 per hour.  I accept cash, check and credit card payments.

I love working with people who are motivated to make changes in their lives.  I normally work with people ages 10 and older.  
The mission of Sukha Integrative Health is to offer healing services and educational opportunities earthed in ancient spiritual traditions and conventional practices that foster a deeper connection to your sould and the cultivation of mindful awareness.